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February 2024

Lent 1 Sunday Sermon for 18.02.2024 at St. Marks Year B.pdf

Epiphany 5 Sunday Sermon for 04.02.2024 year b at st.marks with ven. lizzie.pdf



January 2024

Epiphany 4 Sunday Sermon for 28.01.2024 year B Ven. Lizzie.pdf

Epiphany 3 Sunday Sermon for 21.01.2024 Warwick and Stanthorpe Year B.pdf


December 2023

Advent 1 Sunday Sermon 03.12.2023 Year A Zechariah Lizzie.pdf

October 2023

Pentecost 22 Twenty Two Sunday Sermon for 29.10.2023 St. Marks and Killarney year a.pdf

Pentecost 21 Twenty One Sunday Sermon Pentecost for 22.10.2023 Year A.pdf

Pentecost 20 Twenty Sunday Sermon Pentecost for 15.10.2023 Year A.pdf

Pentecost 19 nineteenth Sunday Sermon - World Mental Health Day for 08.10.2023.pdf

August 2023

Pentecost 13 Thirteen Sermon Sunday 27.08.2023 Year A with Baptism.pdf

Pentecost 12 twelve Sunday Sermon - Feast of St Mary and Renewal of Vows 20 August 2023 Year A st.marks.pdf

Pentecost 11 Eleven Sunday Sermon for 13.08.2023 at warwick killarney and glennie year a.pdf

Pentecost Sunday 10 Sermon 06.08. 2023 Year A.pdf


July 2023

Pentecost 9 Sunday Sermon for 29.07.23 eleanor at st.marks listening heart and pathway to kingdom if heaven.pdf

Pentecost 7 Sunday Sermon for 16.07.2023 Year A.pdf

Pentecost 6 Sunday Sermon for 09.07.2023 year A at St. Marks.pdf


June 2023

Pentecost 5 Sunday Sermon for Synod and Feast of John the Baptiser 18 June 2023 Year A.pdf

Pentecost 4th Sunday with Feast of St. John and Synod Sermon 23 June 2023.pdf

Pentecost 2nd Sunday Sermon Charlies Baptism 11th June 2023 Year A for St. James Pratten.pdf


May 2023

Pentecost Sunday Sermon for 28.05.2023 at St. Marks Lizzie.pdf

Easter Six Sunday Sermon for 14.05.2023 at St. Marks Year A and mothers day.pdf

Easter Fifth Sunday Sermon for 07.05.2023 Year A by Lizzie.pdf


April 2023

The Good Friday Sermon year A Easter 2023 from Lizzie.pdf

March 2023

Lent 5 Sunday Sermon for 26.03.2023 Year A st.marks with lizzie.pdf

Lent 4 Sunday Sermon for 19.03.2023 with baptism year a at st.marks.pdf

Lent 2 Sunday Sermon 05.03.2023 Year A.pdf


February 2023

Lent 1 sunday service sermon ven. lizzie st.marks for 26.02.2023.pdf

The Ash Wednesday Sermon 2023 Year A V2.pdf

Epiphany 6 Sunday Sermon - Epiphany 6 for 12.02.2023 Year A.pdf


January 2023

Epiphany 4 Sunday Sermon for 29.01.2023 Year A Lizzie.pdf

3rd Sunday after Epiphany Sunday Sermon for 22 January 2023 year A Lizzie.pdf


December 2022

 Advent Two 2 Sunday Sermon or 04.12.2022 at St. Marks Year A.pdf

November 2022

Advent 1 Hope for Sunday Message for 27 November 2022 Year A lizzie.pdf

Pentecost TwentyThree Sunday Sermon for 13 November 2022 Year C Lizzie.pdf

Pentecost Twenty Two and All Saints Souls Day Sunday Sermon for November 2022 Year C.pdf


October 2022

Pentecost Twenty One 21 Sunday Sermon for Killarney Ecumenical October 2022.pdf

Pentecost Twenty Sunday Sermon for 23.10.2022 Lizzie in Year C.pdf

Pentecost Seventeen 17 Sunday Sermon for 2 October 2022 Year C at st.marks.pdf


September 2022

Pentecost Sixteenth 16 Sunday Sermon for 25 september 2022 at st.marks Year C.pdf

The Passing of the Sovereign - The Homily for Wednesday afternoon service 21 september 2022 lizzie at st.marks.pdf

Pentecost Fourteen 14 Sunday Sermon for 11.09.2022 Year C.pdf

Pentecost Thirteen 13 Sunday Sermon for 04.09.2022 Fathers Day Year C.pdf


August 2022

Pentecost Twelve 12 The Sunday Sermon with admission to first communion 28.08.2022 year c.pdf

Pentecost Tenth 10 Sunday Sermon for 14 August 2022 lizzie Year C.pdf

Pentecost Nine 9 Sunday Sermon - Prayers for Peace Sunday 07 August 2022 Year C Lizzie.pdf


July 2022

Pentecost Seven 7 The Sunday Sermon for 24 July 2022 Year C.pdf

Pentecost Six 6 SUnday Sermon for 17 July Year C with Baptism.pdf


June 2022

Pentecost second sunday after sermon 19 June 2022 Lizzie - Study.pdf

Trinity Sunday 1st after Pentecost Sermon for 12 June 2022 Lizzie.pdf

Sermon for Queens Jubilee June 5th in 2022 at St. Marks Rod.pdf


May 2022

Easter Seven May 2022 Sunday Sermon Year C- EMAIL Version Lizzie.pdf

Easter Five 5 Sermon Ven. Rod for Year C 15.05.2022.pdf

Easter Five 5 Sermon for Parish by Ven. Lizzie for Sunday 15.05.2022 email.pdf

Easter Four and Mothers Day Sunday Service on 8 May 2022 Rod Sermon.pdf

Easter Three 3 Sunday Sermon for 1 May 2022 Year C Lizzie.pdf

Easter 3 Year C for St. Marks Sermon Rod for 1 May 2022.pdf



April 2022

Good Friday Message Easter 2022 at St. Marks.pdf

Maundy Thursday Sermon Easter April 2022.pdf

Palm Sunday Sermon 10 April 2022 email copy Lizzie.pdf

Lent Five Sermon for Sunday 03 April 2022 Rod .pdf 


March 2022

Lent Four year c the Sermon Lizzie 27 March 2022.pdf

Lent Three 2022 Sermon Ven. Rod 20.03.2022.pdf

Lent Two 2022 Sermon EMAIL Lizzie for 13 March 2022 Year C Anglican Parish of Warwick.pdf

 Lent 1 March 2022 6th Sermon for St. Marks Rod.pdf

 Ash Wednesday Sermon March 2022 for Lent at St. Marks ven. Lizzie.pdf


February 2022

Transfiguration 2022 february ephiphany last Ven. Rod at St. Marks.pdf

Epiphany 7 for February 2022 Ven. Rod Sermon.pdf

Epiphany 6 for February 2022 Ven. Rod.pdf

Sermon for Epiphany 5 for Sunday 06.02.2022 at St. Marks Warwick. Rod.pdf

November 2021

Advent 1 The Sunday Sermon 28th November Year C 2021 EMAIL Version.pdf

Pentecost Twenty Fifth Sunday Sermon- 14thof November 2021 Year B EMAIL Version.pdf

Pentecost Twenty Fourth Sunday with All Saints All Souls Day Message 2021 Ven. Lizzie.pdf


October 2021

Pentecost Twenty Third Sunday Sermon 31 October 2021 EMAIL.pdf



Pentecost Twentieth Killarney and Pratten The Sunday Message for 10.10.2021 Lizzie.pdf

Pentecost Nineteenth Sunday Message - Stewardship guest speaker nigel grant 3 October 2021.pdf


September 2021

Pentecost Eighteenth Sunday Sermon September 26 for2021 Year B Lizzie.pdf

Pentecost Seventeenth Sunday Sermon Year B 19th September 2021 Lizzie.pdf

Pentecost Sixteenth Sunday Sermon 12th September 2021 Year BLizzie for Killarney and Pratten.pdf

Pentecost Fifteenth Sunday for Fair Trade Sermon September 2021 John.pdf


August 2021

Pentecost Fourteenth Sunday Sermon for St. Marks 29.08.2021 Matt MP.pdf

Pentecost Twelfth Sunday Sermon 15th of August 2021 Year B with Study Notes.pdf

Pentecost Eleventh Sunday Sermon for 8 August year b lizzie with study notes.pdf

July 2021

Pentecost Ninth Sunday Sermon Email Version - St James Day 2021 Year B July 25.pdf

June 2021

Pentecost Fourth Sunday Sermon Message for 20 June 2021 Email Version Lizzie.pdf

Pentecost Third Sunday Sermon 13 June 2021 - Year B Lizzie.pdf 

Pentecost Second Sunday Sermon - 6 June 2021 EMAIL Version Lizzie.pdf

Pentecost Second Sunday The Kids Talk 6 June 2021 Year B.pdf


May 2021

Trinity Sunday Sermon 2021 - with Study Notes Lizzie.pdf

Easter Six Sermon 2021 Year B.pdf

Easter Five Sermon - 2nd May 2021 Year B Lizzie.pdf

April 2021

bishop cam homily st.marks 25.04.2021.pdf

Easter Three Sermon - Email Version for sunday 18.04.2021 at St. Marks Lizzie.pdf

Easter 2 the Sermon for Sunday 11.04.2021 at St. Marks Lizzie.pdf

Easter 2021

The Easter Sunday Sermon 2021 for St. Marks Lizzie.pdf

The Good Friday Family Sermon 2021 Easter - Lizzie.pdf

The Thursday Meal 2021 Maundy Thursday Sermon Easter - Lizzie.pdf


March 2021

Lent One 2021 Year B The Message Sermon Lizzie.pdf

February 2021

Transfiguration Sunday 2021 14th for Warwick Anglican Parish.pdf

Epiphany Five Sermon Lizzie 7 Feb 2021 Year B St. Marks.pdf


January 2021

Epiphany Four Year B Sermon for Allora - Clifton Lizzie 31 January 2021.pdf

Epiphany Three Year B Sermon for Warwick Anglican Parish 24.01.2021.pdf

Epiphany Two Year B Sermon for Warwick Anglican Lizzie January 2021.pdf


December 2020


November 2020

October 2020


September 2020


August 2020


July 2020


June 2020


May 2020


Easter 2020






March 2020

  • Valley of the Dry Bones for March 29 (Rev'd Lizzie Gaitskell) 



Pentecost 19 20th October 2019 sermon from Rod.pdf

Pentecost 19 20th October 2019 sermon from Rod.pdf

Pentecost 4 2019 - commissioning of seventy rod.pdf

Pentecost 18 2018 Sermon from The Venerable Rod Winterton final service to preach.pdf

archbishop aspinall 150th sermon.pdf

December 2nd Ordination Sermon for Cathedral Rod Heather.pdf


Homily - 23.07.2017 Revd Rod.pdf


Easter Day 2017 Sermon from Rod.pdf


Epiphany 7 Sermon 2nd draft for 19.02.2017.pdf


Christmas Message from Father Rod 2016.pdf

Pentecost 22 16th October 16.pdf


From Father Rod Easter 2016 Letter.pdf

Easter 2016 Sermond Rod.pdf

Good Friday 2016 Sermon Rod.pdf

Lent 1 2016 14 February St. Marks Rod.pdf

Transfiguration Yrc 2016 1 07.02.2016.pdf


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